Monday, May 4, 2009

Mistakes in Art

Mistakes are what a person could potentially predict one or many in action. Not to be confused by accidents, something that cannot be foreseen, mistakes are what make us learn by our own and/or observing other's actions. One generally discards the endless work and passion spent on a project or situation when a mistake 'ruins' everything. When the first impulse is to throw away and start fresh can be good and refreshing, it's best to take what you have and make do. In most situations that's all one can do and when successful gives the most satisfying feeling of conquering the evil, awful, terrible mistake. After pushing past many of my own mistakes it can be possible to embrace mistakes for what they are, challenges.
A series of spilled ink. Of course, I intentionally spilled this ink, to make this series plausible to my claims I added a resistant to ink with water to create uncontrollable effects to each print of the spilled ink. Each print was unique and beautiful as it was, to manipulate the effect and 'mistakes' to something more than abstract I filled in the creatures and illustrations I find in each.

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