Monday, June 9, 2008

Flight of Emotion

       Pride and Victory (Oil and Acrylic)

     Flight of Emotion. A series of birds conveying human emotion outside of animal instinct. Pride and Victory (an acrylic diptych on masonite).
These pieces are hanging in my home in Ohio, I don't think I can part with them. They have a telling story of my growth as an artist and person through my last years in college. 

Liberation, as you can see below, is the piece I decided recently that I would donate to the school I graduated from, Carthage College.  It is so large that it demands a large area to be viewed.  Holding it at home or giving it to another person to hold in any home wouldn't quench the space it needs. I also feel that it belongs at Carthage, my experience and growth through out this piece was because of the place it was created. I think of donating it as a gift to those who instructed, lead and advised me to where I am and I feel it was the best donation I could give.

  Liberation (Acrylic)

     The piece that was most emotional to me as an artist was 'Liberation'.  There are several layers creating the background which display an emotion that could be understood differently to each viewer. From serenity to depression, the downfall is contrasted by it's foreground subject, the white egret. This piece is 6.7' x 5.5', a very large piece which was a challenge my professor gave me near the end of my college career.  I could not be any more grateful for my instructors faith that I could complete such a monster of a canvas. After completing this I had a new sense of spirit toward myself as a person and an artist.

Hunger (Acrylic & Acrylic Medium)

Wounded (Acrylic)
          Wounded was my first piece in this series.  I had no references in mind or subject matter to work with.  I decided to open my mind to push forward with an idea for a series. I wasn't surprised with the concept of birds, I've always had a strange passion and love for birds.

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